An overview of our services

From shirts to curtains. We make everything clean.
Find out for yourself!

Our services

  • Dry cleaning for all types of textiles
  • Leather and furs
  • Upholstery and blankets
  • Chair and couch covers
  • Bed linens and table linens, ready for closet storage
  • Mattresses
  • Stuffed animals
  • Rugs and curtains
  • Specialty cleaner for bridal and ball gowns
  • Shirt service (€ 2.50/shirt!)
  • Laundromat (full service & self-service)

Our other services

  • Dry cleaning within one working day
  • Textile impregnation
  • Laundromat (full service & self-service)
  • Washing and drying at a fair price!

Do you have any questions about or services or special requests?

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